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Evergreen Cycling

Women's Winter Tights NAVY

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Our black winter tights were so popular, we are stoked to introduce them in Navy. We love these incognito tights with integrated chammy so much!

Living in Canada we have to accept our reality. Riding in the cold, wet weather is what we do for half of the year. Enough with all the zippers, straps, dongles, velcro and doohickies! These are uber high-waisted, thin and fuzzy winter tights.

We chose the highest quality materials out of Italy and have spent hours refining the fit of these tights. Stop stripping down whenever you need to take a wee. Do your business and get back on the road.

Leave it to a Canadian to do winter tights.


  • Minimal seams
  • No bulky zippers
  • High-waist, supportive waist sits just above the hips
  • Reflectors on the ankle
  • No visible branding... at all!