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Evergreen Cycling

Men's DRTYBib

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Our next order of DRTYbibs will be coming up at the end of march. Delivery expected at the end of April!

Tarps off, lads! It's all the rage right now, take your standard bib shorts and slap some mesh pockets on the legs. We've also integrated a secret pocket on the back of the bib. Easy access to snacks when the road gets rough.

Using rider feedback we have tweaked the bib straps. They are now softer and stretchier, making nature breaks quicker and more comfortable than before. 

Super breathable mesh panels, thin and soft bib straps and a compressive fit make these bib shorts the choice for the racer and enthusiast. We love how these bibs lie flat under our lightest jerseys and how we don't get overheated in the summer months. A high density chammy insert is the key to comfort on long gravel rides.

We went high-end on all the materials to keep your derriere in top shape.

We chose the highest textiles out of Italy and have spent hours refining the fit of these shorts.