Evergreen Cycling Press Kit

Please find all of your Evergreen Cycling press needs on this page. If you need anything, don't hesitate to contact us. Send us a note on our instagram @evergreencycling if you need additional media, high-res photos or would like to set up an interview for publications.

Evergreen Cycling Press Kit

Evergreen Cycling's Story

We started Evergreen Cycling while spending a year abroad cycling around Australia. Over the 18 months that we spent Down Under, we experienced an array of emotions. What we didn't expect to find was the selection of women's cycling apparel! After having spent a couple of years of not being able to buy women's cycling kit that fit, we now had the world to choose from. This opportunity had to be brought back to Canada!

The boutique brands in Australia were super friendly and very encouraging. They all encouraged us to start our own brand in Canada. Amongst the emotions experienced on our year away, fondness of our evergreen-lined-roads struck a chord. Thus Evergreen Cycling was born.

Living in the Pacific Northwest, the environment sits close to Evergreen Cycling's heart. We aim to bring a 'clean' product to the North American market. We aim to use primarily bluesign dyes and fabrics, minimizing our impact and bringing consumables to market.

Evergreen Cycling Products

Evergreen Cycling products are designed and engineered specifically for women. The frustration born from the industry's antiquated ways motivated us to start from scratch and develop products that fit women above all else. Gone are the days of "pink it, and shrink it!" The cuts are designed to hug the body and deliver exactly what women need.

The fit is generally aggressive and race-cut, but we are mindful that many recreational, non-racers will be drawn to our offerings. We strongly believe that the patterns developed, materials selected and research and development that have gone into these products will appeal to a wide audience.

About the Founders

Andrew and Krista and two very different people with a shared passion for cycling.