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It's Gonna be May!


Some would say I own too many bikes, but I say not enough - I only have 5. I've been road racing for 5 years and was hoping to add in cyclocross, gravel, and xc-mtb last year pre-COVID. Last season was supposed to be my first year as a cat 3 after struggling with knee injuries.

I'm from Victoria and moved to Vancouver to do my B.Sc. in Chemistry at UBC. Right now I'm working at Bicicletta on Broadway. 

For me, cycling does it all. I can race (and train and suffer), explore, have fun, have technical knowledge and meet cool people. Racing is still pretty up in the air for me right now, but Landyachtz might be sending me to BCBR Gravel Explorer, in which case that will be the main focus of my season. I don't have a team, but I'm aiming for Crit Nasty. Non-cycling wise, my biggest goal this year is to love my friends more.

I'm excited to be working with a women-focused, local brand. Cycling is pretty bro-y most of the time (I experience a lot of it working at a bike shop...) and I'm happy to have Evergreen supporting me in breaking down barriers that women face in this sport. I'm hoping to lead a women's ride and create a more accessible group ride. 

Kristen Kit in Evergreen Kit!


When I get to travel with the Canadian rowing team, I often go to smaller cities that wouldn’t normally be on my radar. The bike offers me a chance to explore and experience the local community—  For example discovering monasteries found on 20% gravel backroads outside of Ioannina, Greece. 

I am a dual-sport athlete with a passion for coffee and snacks. I began coxing in St.Catharines, Canada in 2002 and earned my first Maple Leaf in 2009 with Canada’s Under-23 Women’s eight. Since then, I have coxed for Canada at 2 Under-23 World Championships, 5 World Cups, 5 World Championships, and 2 Paralympic Games— bringing home a total of 10 international medals for Canada in both able-bodied and para-rowing events including Canada’s first medal in rowing at the Paralympics. 

The 2019 rowing race season was a challenging one, marked by injury amongst other challenges, and we didn’t get a chance last year to show what we can do. As on Olympic-hopeful, it feels like we’ve been talking about doing “this thing” for a while now. We qualified the boat class in 2019, but I still have to earn my seat, and be selected to the team. If given the chance, I believe this group of women can do something pretty special, and bring home some hardware for Canada. 

I hope I get the opportunity to race with my team mates, and show the world what we are actually capable of in the women’s eight at the Tokyo Olympics.

Non-rowing related: I realized BCBR Gravel race is in the fall, so I’m going to find a way to race… the entries are super expensive, but I’m going to try and talk my way into one. My goal for 2021 is to earn a podium on two wheels. In 2018 and 2019, I was in a “worker” role for my cycling teams, so I rarely got the chance to race for myself. I’m new to bike racing, and was entirely happy to devote myself to the strongest rider. Now I want to see what I’m capable of! Who knows— with the Olympics it can be hard to manage my own training, but it’s fun having a goal! 

Evergreen Cycling is a brand that cares about community, and environmental impact. Two things near to my heart. When I make consumer choices, I try to make ones that have the least impact on the environment, although I’m not perfect! Learning that Evergreen Cycling sources bluesign certified fabrics is pretty cool. Secondly— more capable women on bikes, and part of that is the kit! I’m not going to lie… intervals always go better when I feel I look good, and am comfortable. Look good, feel good, go fast! I have very strong opinions about good and bad chammy— I’ve worn a few at this point. I’m grateful to Evergreen Cycling for taking a risk, and investing in developing high quality women’s cycling gear, something we don’t have enough of in Canada!

I have a lot of exciting ideas (I’m a bit of a dreamer!), but most will be put on hold until after the Olympics. I would like to organize and host a women’s gravel clinic. My own path into cycling has been one with lots of mistakes, and “ah-ha” moments coupled with “I wish I had known that 6 months ago”. I want gravel to be less intimidating for women, so my dream is to host a maintenance session followed by a ride followed by some beers in partnership with the local shop in Victoria that has been supporting me, Broad Street Cycles. Personally, I have a lot to learn so I’m going to engage various members in my community to help! My secret goal is to help mentor a few women who are getting into road/ gravel. I have a friend I made who lives in Duncan, and I’m quietly teaching her some ins and outs of gravel/ road, and I love it! I also attended a Cycling BC MTB skills clinic last weekend— holy cow those kids can shred! While I can’t share ANY skills with them, I can offer sport-related experience and leadership. Something I have time and energy for!