the F O U N D E R S

Meet Co-Founder Krista.


Evergreen Cycling was born during a 180km event in Australia. We were required to wear an event Jersey and at a rest stop less than half way through my jersey zipper completely broke. I frantically ran around the aid station to see if they could provide a replacement jersey and was almost brought to tears when the best they could offer was a single safety pin. I rode the remainder of the event in 30 degree heat with my jersey flapping in the wind. This was not the first or the last time I was required to use safety pins to make an event jersey fit my body. This experience sums up why I wanted to start Evergreen. My goal and hope that is when women pull on Evergreen kit they feel confident, comfortable and fast!

I grew up competing in team sports and started cycling when I realized it was a tactical team sport. I love the freedom, challenge and community connection that cycling brings into my life. With many different disciplines available at my fingertips in BC I know I will always be challenged. When I am not riding my bike (which takes up the majority of my free time) I love cooking, especially for friends and family or hanging out with my senior dog Madison. 

Meet co-found Andrew!

I was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec and studied fine arts in college and completed a degree in Urban Planning and Environmental studies at McGill university in 2012?. I briefly played football at McGill but quickly discovered cycling through a knee rehabilitation. I fell in love with Montreal’s short punchy climb “Camilien Houde;” we see this climb on full display every year at the Montreal GP.

I moved to Vancouver seeking year-round cycling weather and found a job as an architectural designer. This is still my current job. I’m currently taking a Passive House Certification course which should bring all of my passions and education full circle.

The boutique architectural firm that I work at in dog friendly and bike friendly. It’s a real dream!