About Evergreen Cycling

About Evergreen Cycling

Evergreen Cycling started when co-founder Krista started on her cycling journey in 2015. She had no idea how difficult it would be to buy cycling kit. Too big, too small, too pink, too baggy, too flappy... The fit was never right.

Her search took her online where she discovered the plethora of options from the gurus of the Land Down Under. The only problem was taxes and duty. What a drag. Oh, and what about fit, how would it look?!

Evergreen Cycling was conceived whilst globetrotting in Australia. Partners and co-founders of Evergreen Cycling, Andrew and Krista, birthed an idea of bringing high-performance, ethical cycling apparel to women in Canada.

Evergreen aims to perfect the fit for women. Evergreen aims to set a high standard for environmental ethics. Evergreen aims to be simple and refreshing.

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Most of the fantastic photos on the site are taken by Dave Gillam. Check him out on instagram @djgillam