I started cycling in university, because I needed a mode of transportation and decided to volunteer at the local bike coop so I could learn to build my own bike. I had never done any sort of sport, and prided myself on being a “mathlete”. Needless to say, that first bike was a gateway bike as I fell head over heels (wheels?) with every form of cycling.

What is your favorite pump-up song?

Le Tigre - I’m so excited

What you can’t leave for a bike ride without?

Snacks! I’m partial to stroopwafels and gummy candy. Pink sunglasses are also a must.


What inspires & motivates you?

I love how social cycling is - I almost never ride alone and love sharing the experience with friends. We always push each other to go new places, ride further, faster and explore the boundaries of our comfort zones and physical abilities.

What events are you planning to participate in this year?

I want to try my first mountain bike race this year - the longer the better. I’m also looking forward to the Oregon trail 5 day gravel stage race, and some bike touring to explore more of BC. My goal is to ride all my (5) bikes locally and all over the province and make the most of our beautiful outdoors.

Anything else you want to share?

I’m so excited to be part of a team of like minded women! There’s so much contagious energy, enthusiasm and positivity in being part of a crew of amazing women who just love bikes and want to push their limits.