Growing up I was a competitive gymnast. For 7 years training was my entire life and required hours of dedication and hard work. After giving it all up to go to university, I quickly realized I needed something to fill the void. Coming from a family of avid cyclists, the transition into riding came very naturally. I started working at a bike cafe, met a bunch of like minded riders who would push me to my absolute limits, and haven’t stopped riding bikes since. These days I mostly ride MTB, which gives me the same sense of accomplishment and hard work that gymnastics did, but with less rules, more creativity and more community. 


What is your favorite pump-up song?

Apply Some Pressure - Maximo Park

What you can’t leave for a bike ride without?

If I'm riding solo then it’s got to be my headphones. Otherwise it’s my favorite snack, Soreen (with loads of butter).

What inspires & motivates you?

The places around the world that my bike has taken me to. Pushing my comfort zone to reach incredible places which without my bike I wouldn't have experienced is the best feeling, especially if the journey is tough. 

Seeing other women rip on the bike never fails to make me want to go ride.


What events are you planning to participate in this year?

I’m focusing more on off-road adventure and endurance events this year, hoping to see some new places along the way. I’m also really looking forward to taking part in my first MTB race, the Merritt Crown, along with the rest of the team.